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A Chacha Long Weekend, 1–4 November 2019, Tbilisi–Telavi, Georgia

To understand Georgia, you must understand Chacha – Georgia’s fiery brandy-style spirit. As varied in style as the famous wines that are created from the same vines, chacha is a different, but truly authentic – way to enjoy the flavours of this magical country.

Georgia Selections is proud to offer a very special long weekend food and drink journey, taking in the delights of Georgia’s captivating capital city, Tbilisi, and on to Telavi, deep in the country’s fertile winelands, to celebrate at the annual Telavi Chacha Festival.

Chacha is difficult to categorise. A strong, clear spirit distilled from grape pomace – the parts of the grape discarded during the wine-making process, it has been proudly produced in Georgia for as long as the country has made wine. 

Kakheti: an unspoilt countryside of rivers and valleys, dotted with ancient villages, castles, monasteries and churches – and vineyards as far as the eye can see. This is the heartland of Georgian wine and chacha production, and the grape plays a central role in the culture of this uniquely beautiful region.

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