On the Road with Sasha Gusov


Georgia Selections took internationally-renowned photographer Sasha Gusov on a very special week-long road trip in May 2019 - to show him some of what we love about Georgia. The results? Seen through the lens of Sasha's camera, the people, the places, the food and the wine of this entrancing country take on a new, almost spiritual, quality – capturing the essence of this breathtakingly beautiful land and its people.

Sasha Gusov's extraordinary portraits of the hidden wonder of Georgia will be collated in his latest book, 'Faces of Georgia', allowing a huge international audience to get to know more about the character of this charming country, which has still to be 'discovered' by the wider world. Georgia Selections is proud to be promoting Georgia in this unique way, and we are already planning a follow up visit by the photographer in September 2019.

Elena Tereshkova