How the story began

The Georgia Selections story began with love at first sight – or at least, at first taste. Four friends and business partners – two from China, one Russian and a Brit – travelled through Georgia on a journey of food and wine discovery. From that first experience, we were hooked. We are passionate about Georgia: its uniquely mouth-watering cuisine, the finest wines, the famous warmth of its hospitality – and a land of outstanding natural beauty.



Georgia Selections

And now, we feel that it is only fair to share the wonders of this spectacular and constantly surprising land with the world: introducing Georgia Selections.

Starting with a carefully chosen range of wine and water products – all outstanding in their class and representing the best that the country has to offer – every Georgia Selections product will be approved by a panel of experts and connoisseurs, meaning that our logo signifies the ultimate seal of quality.



The very best from the ancient country

With a range of wines, mineral waters and unforgettable tourist experiences, Georgia Selections presents the very best from this ancient country, situated at the crossroads of Europe and Asia.

The Georgia Selections Network:

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